Monday, June 11, 2012

Bolsena 2012 #1: deegree on the couch 2

Following up on the 2011 Bolsena event, we got news from Volker Mische that we could try to adapt the GeoCouch feature store created then to the new 2.0 version of Couchbase.

This would allow for easy, transparent use of multiple Couchbase machines as a backend, and might also improve the speed situation of our last experiments.

Turns out it was only half a day of work to adapt the existing approach to the Couchbase one. With a little URL/URI fiddling the indexes could be used same as before, with only minor changes. We now used the approach to store the GML blob directly in the JSON document (base64 encoded).

Actually, using the Java libraries for Couchbase was pretty straightforward, and resulted in much cleaner (and much less) code than before for inserting. Since the Java libs use a custom protocol, inserting also seemed quite a bit faster.

We left the query interface to still use the old HTTP interface (with only minor URL/URI fiddling), and querying is around 50% slower than our PostGIS blob storage. We expect that using a few performance tweaks would result in approximately the same speed (we're not using any compression now, and using the Couchbase Java libs would probably also be an improvement).

So all said, the first day was already quite a success. Although the weather started out with rain and comparatively low temperature, the sun came out around the same time we did our performance tests. Must be an omen ;-)

In case you're wondering, Markus is currently working on the documentation. We're going to try to expose some test subjects here to the handbook... Actually, it seems that quite a lot of the people here have already used or are using deegree, so maybe we can actually find someone willing :-)

Stay tuned for more Bolsena news!

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