Friday, June 7, 2013

Bolsena #4 - More JAXB fun

Adding to the JAXB fun I had yesterday, I've decided to fix related problems when binding our schemas at compile time, where the maven-jaxb2-plugin tried (sometimes) to load schemas from the net, although a XML catalog file was provided and configured.

The first thing I noticed was that only some of the related modules had that problem. Very strange, so I ran maven in debug mode (-X) for a module where it worked properly, and one module where it failed.

The plugin was configured identically in both cases (we manage plugins from our parent pom.xml). The only difference I've noticed was that in the working module all project dependencies were passed to the xjc call, whereas in the other module only the plugin's own dependencies were added. So obviously the schemas could not be loaded from the classpath.

I was not able to find out a reason for this, but just adding the project dependencies as plugin dependencies fortunately fixed the problem. This means that apart from the unit tests deegree can now also be compiled offline without problems.

If you want to know the details on xjc + catalogs, read this guide. It might be a little out of date, but most of it is still valid.

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