Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bolsena #3: INSPIRE on the GeoCouch

In case anyone ever wondered what good it can do to put a couple of hackers in an Italian monastery for a week, here's an example. Talking to Volker Mische (author of GeoCouch) we've wondered whether the BLOB mode approach for traditional databases could not be applied to the couch as well. Rather than wondering we thought we might just as well try it out.

After an evening spent hacking we've finally proved that it can work, and created an initial version of a deegree-featurestore-geocouch. It creates spatial indexes automatically upon startup, and has the ability to insert features via WFS-T or the loader. Querying by ID or BBOX also works already.

We've tested it with INSPIRE Annex I data themes (Addresses and CadastralParcels). That's what the code sprint is all about, collaborating, coming up with new ideas and combining things in a new way.

Mind you, the store is not ready for production or anything, but it's a start, and only needs a little more care to be a viable alternative to traditional databases.

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